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Attractions Near Will Rogers Memorial Center

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Fort Worth is home to one of the few mints in the United States. There, the Bureau prints not only currency, but also many other types of official documents and papers used by the United States government. Tours are available for those interested in seeing literally billions of dollars being printed up in real time.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

This oasis in the city covers around 109 acres and is the self-proclaimed oldest botanical garden in the state of Texas. There are 21 different gardens with thousands of various plants, both native and exotic. Notable areas of this botanical paradise are the Oval Rose Garden and its hundreds of pretty smelling roses and a 10,000 square foot Conservatory that is home to a diverse selection of tropical plants.

Omni Theater

For the ultimate digital experience inside an impressive climate controlled environment, the Omni IMAX is the choice. This establishment has been providing quality IMAX entertainment for over 25 years. Recently, it has been upgraded to include state of the art IMAX and other digital technologies. It differs from other IMAX experiences in that viewers are inside a dome and in reclining seats. The picture is projected on the side of one of the domes, giving the attendees a sort of full immersion experience.

Bass Performance Hall

This massive performance venue is well known for the acoustics it produces. It is considered a crown jewel of Fort Worth City planning and plays host to numerous world-renowned artists and groups throughout the year. Occupying an entire city block, the venue has ample room for attendees to any event; seating capacity is at 2000+. Practically all-musical genres are performed here.

Log Cabin Village

The village offers a flashback to the 1800s of Texas history. During this time, log cabins were a prevalent housing design found throughout the state, particularly in Northern Texas. The village is made up of 6 log cabins that have been restored to their original condition. Inside, life of the 1800s is vividly portrayed through the interior design of the cabins, which reflect various styles of living from the era. Artifacts, writings, paintings, bedding, furniture and other artifacts used to decorate the cabins are all authentic.

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