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Attractions Dallas Convention Center

Cedars Art Gallery

Located less than a mile away from the Dallas Convention Center, this established art gallery is a favorite of many visitors. Several paintings depicting nature scenes and abstract themes can be found in the gallery. Visitors can also see collections of sculptures, photography and art pieces crafted from glass.

Dallas Heritage Village

A collection of beautiful Victorian and pioneer homes from the 1800s can be seen by taking a stroll through this historic district in the city. Other antique structures, such as a doctor’s office and a farm with a detached kitchen, can also be seen. Visitors can even go inside the village’s museum to learn more about the history of Dallas.

Palladium Ballroom

People who wish to see live musical entertainment can venture to this trendy concert venue. The Palladium Ballroom features many great pop music performers. Some of music’s biggest chart toppers have performed inside this concert venue.

Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture

This famous museum is housed inside a structure resembling a majestic castle. It was actually the site of the Old Red Courthouse and has undergone a thorough renovation since its 1892 inception. The current museum features artifacts and works of art representing the history and culture of Dallas County. The exhibits allow visitors to see the evolution of Dallas from its illustrious past to its present-day glory.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza

This solemn landmark pays tribute to one of the most renowned presidents in U.S. history. The plaza features a monument representing a roofless room made of white concrete as a symbol of the freedom of John F. Kennedy’s spirit.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Visitors can learn more about the life and influences of John F. Kennedy by visiting this museum located on the sixth and seventh floors of an old warehouse. Many of the exhibits detail the untimely assassination of this esteemed president. The museum also features exhibits detailing other important phases in U.S. history.

Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance

This institution showcases works depicting one of history’s darkest periods, when millions of Jews and other targeted groups suffered unimaginable atrocities under the regime of Nazi Germany. The museum also teaches lessons of hope and the virtues of tolerance. Workshops are offered to further teach the lessons learned from the Holocaust.

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